Photo Albums

Dad's New Toy: Never Know What it's gonna Look like Next Week
Son's Truck: Changes About Every Week
Our Bikes...That's We've Sold: 2004 Harley Ultra Classic and 2005 Yamaha V-Star
Daughter's New Jeep: Finally, I Got a Jeep
98 Dodge ram 1500: SOLD
64 Dodge polara 500: Nice car but it's Been Sold
1923 Ford T-bucket: Sweet Ride, but it's Gone

Our Pets

Killer: In case you're wondering, she's a pure Bichon Frise.
Samuel: He's part Siamese....and part something else. Twas a rescue kitty.
Koi: Got addicted to these about 2 years ago.

Steve Selfridge
Joplin, Mo.

About    Us       By    Lacy

Hi! My name is Lacy, and I am in charge of telling about us. We live in Joplin; where else?. First, I'll tell ya what we do. My dad works at Hiland Dairy, he drives for them. You know, delivering milk? My brother and I go to school at Carl Junction. We do pretty well, there, mostly because C.J is an excellent school. We've hadd hardly any violent actions and no shootings. Everything is very strict. Well, during our vactions and such, we go to car shows or work on the truck; and now the other three. Even with all the things on the truck now, we are still thinking of doing more. One, for example, is suicide doors. We would already have that done, but we can't find anybody who would do it. We have three animals, (well, four if you count Moe), whose names are, the cat, Whitesox; the little dog, Sassy; the big dog, Moe; and the horse, Buddy. Like most animals, ours have different breeds; Whitesox is a house linx, Sassy a pure-bred miniature poodle, Moe was a malamute, and Buddy a Peruvian Paso. During the last few months of summer last year, and all winter, we have been frantically working on our precious cars. My brother is working on a 471 blower and bigger lift for his monster, my dad is getting his car back from the paint shop (check out the color on that baby!), and he has his wheels already setting and waiting. My car has pretty much stayed where it is; but parts are always welcome. Please, and I stress the word please, email us if you have any parts or know where we can get parts for these two Polara convertibles. Any way, almost every Saturday, you can find us at car shows during the day, or at the Webb City cruize at night. By the way, check out the Heartbeat Chevy Club website, listed below in our links, to see what is going on. That is about all here, and we hope to see you car show-ers and/or cruizers sometime! ~bye~

Favorite Links

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Patriot Guard Riders: Because its the Right Thing to Do